Joint Consultation

Joint Consultation2016-12-11T06:15:59+00:00

The GSU meets with representatives of PSPC on a regular basis through a number of joint consultation committees at the local, regional and national level.

Final signed minutes will be available on the appropriate PSPC Intranet page ONLY.

  • GSU / PSPC National Labour Management Consultation Committee (NLMCC)
  • GSU / PSPC National Health and Safety Policy Committee (NHSPC)
  • GSU / PSPC National Workforce Adjustment Committee
  • GSU / PSPC Informal Conflict Management Committee
  • GSU /PSPC Joint Committee on Employment Equity
  • GSU / PSPC Accounting, Banking and Compensation Branch (ABC) National Consultation Committee
  • GSU / PSPC Consulting, Information and Shared Services Branch (CISSB) National Consultation Committee
  • GSU / PSPC Parliamentary Precinct Branch (PPB) Consultation Committee
  • GSU / PSPC Acquisitions Branch (AB) National Consultation Committee (ACQB LMCC)
  • GSU / PSPC Chief Information Officer Branch (CIOB) National Consultation Committee (formerly ITSB)
    • National Print Portfolio (NPP) subcommittee
  • GSU / PSPC Real Property Branch National Consultation Committee
    • NCR Work Description Initiatives subcommittee
    • Engineering Assets subcomittee
  • GSU / PSPC Multi-Branch Consultation Committee
  • GSU / SSC National Labour Management Consultation Committee
  • GSU / SSC Human Resources Consultation Committee
  • GSU / SSC National Health and Safety Policy Committee
  • GSU / RCM National Consultation Committee