Be Bold for Change

//Be Bold for Change

Be Bold for Change


A year ago women’s rights were trudging forward and upward in North America.  We still had fights for pay equity and child care before us but we were in a relatively good position.  We had a Prime Minister who chose his gender parity cabinet with intention and there was a President to our south who considered himself to be a feminist.

Then like all human rights, women’s rights slipped back when the Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump was caught on tape talking casually and flippantly about sexual assault.  That a man who is now President, could hold women in such a low regard, and still be voted into the most powerful position in the world, is still unfathomable for me to imagine.

The day after the Presidential Inauguration we saw millions of women and men around the world take to the streets for the Women’s March in Washington and many other locations around the world.  So this year’s theme for International Women’s Day – Be Bold for Change, has greater meaning than ever before.

We must now more than ever be vocal, we must now more than ever be visible, and we must now more than ever, fight for women’s rights to be paid equally, to have equal air time to speak, to have control over their own body and reproductive rights.

We must now more than ever encourage and support our sisters to step into leadership roles… it seems we often look to our south to see what we don’t want to become, but we must resolve ourselves to fight for women’s rights here at home, and in our union.

Help us fight for National Affordable Child Care.

Help us fight for justice for our Indigenous Women and Girls.

Help us fight for Pay Equity for all Canadian Women.

Be Bold for Change. 

Happy International Women’s Day.