Service Award

Left, Frank Nitschmann, right Norm LarivièreSur la gauche, Frank Nitschmann, sur la droite, Norm Larivière   On behalf of Local 70023, Norm Larivière Local President presented a service award to Brother Frank Nitschmann at their Local AGM on February 27, 2018 in recognition of his hard work, dedication and support to the members.  

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International Women’s Day March 8, 2018

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate how far women (our definition of women INCLUDES trans women) have moved forward from a historical, political and equality standpoint, but it is also a day where we look ahead to see the challenges we still have before us. Beginning with the suffragettes fight for the right to vote and progressing to [...]

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Shanny Doucet received the 2018 Women in Leadership Award – NBFL

On the left Colleen Coffey, PSAC REVP Atlantic RegionOn the right Shanny Doucet, GSU RVP, Atlantic RegionSister Doucet was nominated by PSAC Atlantic Council to receive the 2018 Women in Leadership Award of the New-Brunswick Federation of Labour. Sister Coffey presented the award to Sister Doucet.

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February is Black History Month

  I know that Black History Month is about celebrating the accomplishments of Black Canadians, and the attached PSAC Statement reflects that beautifully.  But celebrating and talking about the success of Black Canadians feels a bit false with all that is happening in our world today. Living in today’s world is a bit surreal.  We have a megalomaniac who is [...]

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  With the recent passage of Bill C-16, our government has finally taken a concrete step to protect the trans community from discrimination. For our friends, family members and colleagues who are trans, two-spirit or gender-diverse, this is a momentous and hard-fought victory. Sadly, like most civil rights movements, there is still a great deal of work ahead to make [...]