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Local By-Laws

Office, Technical and Administration Local

By-Law 1    Name

This Local shall be known as “Office, Technical and Administration, Local 70019”, of Government Services Union, Public Service Alliance of Canada.

By-Law 2  Aims and Objectives

It shall be the objective of the Local to protect, maintain and advance the interests of the members coming under its jurisdiction by:

a. Uniting and organizing its members;

b. Improving members conditions of employment; and

c. Safeguarding members Rights

The local shall unconditionally subscribe to and accept as its governing documents the Constitution of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the By-Laws of the Government Services Union (GSU).

This Local shall support fully the PSAC in the furthering of its constitutional responsibility, for the improvement and protection of wages, salaries, and other terms of employment of all employees of the Public Service.

By-Law 3  Membership

a. Regular

The Local shall be comprised of all members of the Government Services Union in the locality as determined from time to time by the National Executive Council. The Local may, in the interests of the membership and more efficient operation, be divided into groups on the basis of common class or geographical interests.

b. Associate

The Local may retain as associate members former members of the Local whose employment has been terminated by:

ii. retirement;

iii. ill health, when such is certified as the reason for retirement; or

iv. who, by reason of the abolition of positions, are separated from their continued employment in the public service.

v. Associate members shall not be eligible for executive office in the Union, shall have voice but not vote in meetings of the Local, but may be accorded such         other privileges of membership under these By-Laws. They shall not pay dues

By-Law 4  Membership Dues

a. Each member of this Local shall pay such dues as set by the Convention of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, by the Convention of the GSU and by this Local.

b. The Local may have an additional amount of dues deduction if authorized by a two-third majority vote of the membership in attendance at the annual meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose. Such additional dues shall be collected by the Union in the manner prescribed by these By-Laws and rebated to the Local.

c. The dues established in paragraph (b) may be changed by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership in attendance at an annual or special meeting provided thirty (30) days notice of such intent has been given to the general membership.


By-Law 5  Membership Meetings

a. The Local shall hold an Annual General Meeting during the months of November/December, unless otherwise approved by the National President, for the purpose of receiving annual reports from the local officers, approving a budget, approving the Local’s audited financial statements, and electing officers to represent Local membership as required by these By-Laws.

b. Membership meetings may be held as determined by the Local executive or by decision of the membership at the Annual General

c. A special meeting of the membership may be called at the request of a majority of the Local executive or shall be called upon receipt of a written petition of one hundred (100) or more members of the Local. A special meeting shall deal only with the matters for which it was called unless the members present agree by a two-third majority to consider other matters of an urgent or necessary nature.

d. The executive of the Local shall hold regularly scheduled monthly meetings, for the proper conduct of the Local’s affairs.

By-Law 6  Quorum

a. A quorum at an Executive meeting shall be a simple majority (50% +1) of officers.

b. A quorum for any general membership meeting, special meeting and annual general membership meeting, shall be a majority of the Local executive and at least twenty (20) members.

By-Law 7  Local Executive Officers

a. The executive of the Local shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer and Chief Shop Steward. Should there not be sufficient candidates for these positions, the minimum requirement to form an Executive would be to have an elected President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer. By decision of the annual meeting, additional officers may be added to the executive or the offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined. A majority of the executive shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business at any meeting of that body.

b. The Executive of the Local shall be nominated and elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Local and all terms shall be for a two (2) year period.

c. If the office of Local President becomes vacant for any reason, the Local Vice-President will fill the position.

d. If an elected office other than Local President becomes vacant for any reason, the Local Executive Committee may appoint a replacement on an interim basis. At the next General Membership Meeting the Executive must conduct an election, following the procedure outlined in the PSAC Rules of Order, to fill the vacant position for the remainder of the original term of office.

By-Law 8  Authority and Responsibilities

a. The Local shall have the power to deal with management representatives in their locality on matters affecting the interests of the membership. The Local shall also have the authority to initiate action on matters having broader effect than the interests of the Local membership, by submission in writing to the National Council or by resolution to the Triennial National convention of the Union or by submission in writing to the Area Council of the Public Service Alliance of Canada, whichever is appropriate.

b. The Executive shall have the authority to establish any committee it deems necessary for the conduct of Local business.

c. The Local may adopt regulations for the conduct of the affairs of the Local whenever adequate provisions are not contained in these By-Laws. Such regulations shall not in any way conflict with the provisions of the Constitution of the Public Service Alliance of Canada or of these By-Laws.

By-Law 9  Duties of Officers

a. President

i. Shall preside at all Local Membership, Executive Committee, Annual or Special Membership meetings.

ii. Shall have the authority and responsibility to delegate and assign duties to the other officers as may be required in serving the best interest of the Local and to furthering the programs and policies of the Alliance and the Component. All other officers shall be responsible to him/her for the full performance of their duties.

iii.  May call meetings of the Local Executive or any of its Committees and attend any meeting of the Committees as an “ex officio” member. He/she shall appoint committees not otherwise provided for in the By-Laws.

iv. Shall receive a copy of all official correspondence from any officer or Committee of the Local.

v. Shall submit a written annual report of their activities to the Local membership prior to the election.

vi. Shall participate on regional consultation committees if requested by the Regional Vice-president and if approved by the GSU National President.

vii. Shall participate on GSU standing committees if requested by the GSU National President.

viii. Attend the GSU Triennial Convention as a delegate from the Local.

b. Vice-President

i. Shall assist the President in the discharge of his/her duties and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned to them by the President of the Local.

ii. Shall act at the request of or in the absence of the President. In the event of the resignation or incapacity of the President, he/she shall assume the office of President until the next annual meeting.

c. Secretary

i. Shall record the proceedings of all meetings of the executive and membership meetings and, following the close of each meeting, shall prepare a report of the business transacted.

ii. Shall be responsible for maintaining proper files of documents and all correspondence.

iii. Shall distribute all information and correspondence of the Local.

iv. Shall have the minutes signed off by the President of the Local or whoever chaired the meeting and ensure that minutes of Membership meetings are posted.

v. Shall submit the minutes of the Annual General Meeting to the National Office within thirty (30) days of the meeting.

d. Treasurer

i. Shall be responsible for the financial records of the Local.

ii. Shall be responsible for the preparation and presentation of financial statements at every membership and executive meetings.

iii.  Shall collect all monies payable to the Local and deposit such funds in a financial institution approved by the Executive.

iv. Shall be responsible for the disbursement of funds payable by the Local in settlement of its just debts.

v. Shall be one of the three (3) signing officers and shall be responsible for all transactions in accordance with the requirements of the said financial institution.

vi. Shall submit a Financial Statement at each regular Membership meeting and the annual general meeting.

vii. Shall chair the Finance Committee.

viii. Shall submit the audited Local Financial Statement to the national office within thirty (30) days following the Annual General Meeting.

ix. Shall notify the national office, in writing, of the complete banking arrangements for the Local and of any change in these arrangements, on a form provided by the national office within thirty (30) days.

x. Shall submit a financial statement to all regular meetings of the Local.

xi. Shall submit an audited annual financial statement to the National President of GSU within thirty (30) days following the Local’s Annual General Meeting.

e. Chief Shop Steward

i. Shall chair the local Shop Steward Committee.

ii. Shall be responsible for effective grievance representation in the Local

 iii. Shall recruit, train and mentor new stewards

iv. Shall maintain a list of active files of representation cases for the Local

v. Shall assign case files to local stewards.

vi. Shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the President of the Local.

f. Communications Officer 

i. Shall replace the Secretary in their duties as required if they are not available for a Meeting.

ii. Shall be responsible for making up and distributing the Agenda and meeting notices.

 iii. Shall chair the Communications Committee.

iv. Shall sign up the local RANDS.

v. shall ensure to follow up with members to correct their incorrect home addresses.

vi. Shall coordinate regional campaigns on behalf of the Local and attend meetings as required.

vii. Shall perform other duties as may be assigned by the President of the Local.

  • By-Law 10 Election of Officers

a. Election of officers shall take place at the Annual General Meeting.

b. Prior to the start of elections at any GSU meeting, the officer conducting the elections shall read aloud the GSU Elected Officer Accountability Accord.

c. All Executive officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the Annual General Meeting.

d. To be eligible to run for office a member must be in good standing.

e. A Nominations Committee should be appointed by the executive prior to the annual meeting and the chairperson of such committee may appoint such assistants as necessary. The Chairperson of the Nominations Committee shall normally conduct the election of officers.

f. Nominations may be oral or written, save only that the Nominations Committee must certify to the meeting that the nomination has been properly moved and seconded and that the nominee is willing to stand for office.

g. Unless otherwise decided by an annual meeting, all elections shall be for a term of two (2) years. This shall not preclude an officer from being elected for a second or subsequent term of office.

h. Stewards shall be elected or selected by the members in the unit concerned and shall hold office for an indeterminate period unless otherwise decided by an annual meeting. At any time 50% plus one of the membership represented by a steward may revoke the mandate of the steward and elect a replacement in accordance with these By-Laws. Or where the steward was selected, not elected, maybe revoked by the Executive at the request of the member.

i. Elections for the following positions will be held in even-numbered years starting in 2012 and shall proceed in the following order: President, Secretary and Treasurer Elections for the following positions will be held in odd-numbered years starting in 2011 and shall proceed in the following order: Vice-President, Chief Shop Steward and Communications Officer.

j. The nominator of a candidate for office, or in his/her stead the seconder of the nomination and the nominee may each be permitted to speak for not more than a combined total of three (3) minutes on the nominee’s competence.

k. All elections shall be by secret ballot and decided by a majority of the votes cast.

l. In the event of more than two candidates for office, the candidate receiving the fewest number votes shall be dropped from the ballot whenever a majority of the votes cast is not accorded any candidate. This procedure shall continue on each succeeding ballot for the position until a candidate receives a majority.

m. All officers shall take office at the end of the meeting at which they are elected.

n. The oath of office shall be administered to all officers immediately before taking office.

By-Law 11 Finances

a. Three (3) members of the Local Executive shall be designated as signing officers, two (2) of whom shall sign all cheques. No disbursements shall be made without authorization by a membership meeting unless such disbursements are within budgetary limits or in accordance with financial guidelines established at a membership meeting.

b. The Treasurer shall submit a financial statement to all regular meetings of the Local.

c. The Treasurer shall submit an audited annual financial statement to the National President of GSU within thirty (30) days following the Local’s annual general meeting.

d. The fiscal year of the Local shall normally coincide with the annual membership meeting during November/December, but in no case shall it be less than eleven months nor more than thirteen months.

e. All financial records of the Local shall be maintained in an approved manner as advised by the National Executive of the Union.

f. All financial records of the Local shall be retained for the legal period prescribed by the Income Tax Act.

g. The Local shall not enter into any financial contractual understanding of agreement without prior approval of the National Council of the Union. However, any such undertaking shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Local.

h. The Local Treasurer shall, having received substantiating receipts, reimburse elected officers of the Local for expenses incurred while serving the Local. National Joint Council rates should apply where applicable.

i. Provision for annual expenses, payable to members of the Executive or Local members is to be included in the main proposed budget approved by the Membership.

j. A per diem of $160.00 per day for work approved by the Local will be paid to Local members performing duties on weekends. This amount does not include meals, incidentals or travel.

k. Executive members will receive an honorarium for the months in which they are active in the amount of $130.00.

l. Stewards will receive an honorarium for the months in which they are active in the amount of $75.00.

By-Law 12 Amendments to By-Laws

  1. Notice of Motion shall be defined as a recorded motion at a regular Membership or Special meeting of this Local and posted on the meeting notice board fifteen (15) days in advance of the next meeting.
  1. Following proper Notice of Motion, these By-Laws may be amended at any Membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present and if passed, it shall be effective forthwith.
  1. By-Law amendments are subject to National Council review and approval.


By-Law 13 General

  1. Unless expressly provided otherwise by these By-Laws, all decisions requiring a vote shall be decided by a simple majority.
  1. Nothing in these By-Laws shall be construed to conflict with the GSU By-Laws or the Constitution of the PSAC.
  2. The masculine gender used in these By-Laws shall be construed to include the feminine; and singular to include the plural.
  3. All Convention Delegates and Area Council delegates are to be elected at a General meeting.
  1. To be eligible to attend a convention or conference representing the Local. A member must be in good standing.
  1. When a member is chosen or recommended to attend a Convention or Conference or Seminar on behalf of this local, they shall produce a summary report of their involvement in the event. This report shall be included in the minutes of the next membership meeting. Failure to provide this report will preclude this member from attending future Conventions or Conferences or Seminars on behalf of this local until their report is submitted.
  1. All members of this Local shall abide by these By-Laws and the principles contained herein.



Local By-Laws

Local 70019



Regulation 1

Members financially indebted to the Local shall not be eligible to run for office or attend convention until said debt is settled to the satisfaction of the Local Executive.

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