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GSU Local 70055 represents the PSAC members in Acquisitions Branch, Integrated Services Branch and CISSB – Industrial Security Sector, Departmental Oversight Branch, Office of the Procurement (Ombudsman) and Senior General Counsel (legal branch). This Local has about 725 members.

The majority of our members work in Acquisitions Branch but we have some members in other branches such as Policy and Industrial Security and Integrated Services Branch. About 80% of our work is related to DND, We also provide services to RCMP, Coast Guard, Transportation, EMR and Fisheries and Oceans. We also deal with many Crown projects across Canada, such as the Helicopter replacement Project, Submarine Project, Ice Breakers, North Warning Systems and the CF18 update project, just to mention a few. We have 10 different classifications in our Local: LS, AS, IS, PM, AD, EG, GT, TI, CR, GS-STS, and HP. The majority of our members are AS and CR. Most of the members are located in Place du Portage but we do have members elsewhere in Ottawa and a few spread across Canada depending on their current project.

Position/Name – Poste de l’élu-e / Nom E-Mail / Adresse courriel Office Phone / Téléphone au travail
President / Présidente :
Joanne Gaida
President.local70055@gsu-ssg.com 613 948 1773
Vice-President / Vice-président :
Edith Germain
VicePresident.Local70055@gsu-ssg.com 613 946-4694 
Secretary / Secrétaire :
Sonia Sangiorgi
Secretary.Local70055@gsu-ssg.com  613 941 9373
Treasurer / Trésorier :
Mukhtar Bakal
Treasurer.Local70055@gsu-ssg.com  343 987 1043
Chief Shop Steward /
Chef Déléguée syndicale :

Hasan Kajan
ChiefShopSteward.local70055@gsu-ssg.com 613 956 2470
Communications Officer /
– Agente de communications :

Leila Azzi
Communications.Local70055@gsu-ssg.com  613 255 5826

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