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We are a relatively small Local in the Greater Vancouver Area, which includes the Lower Mainland as far as Hope, BC. A large percentage of our members live outside of the Vancouver city core in the West End, East Vancouver, Burnaby, Point Grey, and also in smaller communities such as Richmond, Surrey, North Vancouver, Port Moody, and Port Coquitlam. Our members belong to the Program and Administrative Services Group (PA – Table 1), the Operational Services Group (SV – Table 2), and the Technical Services Group (TC – Table 3). They are involved with property management, project management, real property, and administration. Some members are technologists, general labourers, or maintenance employees. Others are involved with communications, informatics and finance support.

Public Service Alliance of Canada
GSU Local 20008
Vancouver, B.C.
V7X 1A3


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Position/Name – Position / nom Email – Courriel Work Phone – téléphone au bureau
President / Président :
Michelle Simard
 President.Local20008@gsu-ssg.com O/B: 604 775 6663
1st Vice-President / Vice-Présidente :
Bill Pleming
 1stVP.Local20008@gsu-ssg.com Cell: 604 612 1317
Fax: 604 775 9380
2nd Vice President / 2e Vice-président :
Stephen Torng
2ndVP.Local20008@gsu-ssg.com O/B: 604 666 6444
3rd Vice-President / 3e Vice-président : 
Secretary / Secrétaire :
Carolina Lam
Secretary.Local20008@gsu-ssg.com O/B: 604 775 5455
Treasurer /Trésorière :
Equity Officer /Agente en Équité :
Rudy Sam
Equity.local20008@gsu-ssg.com  O/B: 604 649 6007
Auditors / Vérificateurs :
Martha Flores-Velazquez
O/B: 604 666 1964
Auditors / Vérificateurs :
Leanne Ridley
O/B: 604 775 6826

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