10060 Matane

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10060 Matane

They are located in Matane, Québec and in the Gaspé Region along the St. Lawrence River. The population is 15,000 and there are no traffic jams in the morning!

Our members work in the following areas: bank reconciliation for all government issued cheques; client services, cheque storage, corporate accounting and document imaging services.

Position/Name –
Poste de l’élu-e / Nom
E-Mail /
Adresse courriel
Office Phone /
Téléphone au travail
President / Président /
Nelson Simard
President.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418 566 7217
1st Vice-President / 1e Vice-président / :
Sonia Gagne
1stVicePresident.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-7148
2nd Vice-President / 2e Vice-Présidente :
Beily Bouffard-Lebrun
2ndVicePresident.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418 566 7132
3rd Vice-President / 3e Vice-Présidente :
Stephan Gosselin
Secretary-Treasurer / Secrétaire-Trésorière :
Isabelle Charette
SecretaryTreasurer.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-7273
Shop Steward / Déléguée syndicale:
Claudine Bélanger
ShopSteward1.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-7010
Shop Steward / délégué syndical :
Audrey Blouin
shopsteward3.local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-3779
Shop Steward / délégué syndical :
Sylvie Lamarre
ShopSteward4.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-7166
Shop Steward / délégué syndical :
Chantale Plourde
ShopSteward2.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-7123
Shop Steward / délégué syndical :
Kathleen Kerr
ShopSteward.Local10060@gsu-ssg.com 418-566-7219

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381 Hot Dogs provided by the executive of Local 10060 for their Members during Public Service Week.


(L-R) Beilly Bouffard-Lebrun, Sonia Gagné,Marc Robidoux,Isabelle Charette and Dave Barr