After more than a year at the bargaining table, the team from the Protection Services Officers at the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg finally were able to get a first Collective Agreement with their Employer. The team which consisted of Ken Staub, Shaun Boyce, Shaun Hunter and was led by the PSAC negotiator, Tom Milne, spent many hours hammering out the details of this first agreement. As anyone who has ever been on a bargaining team knows this is not pleasant work and you never get everything you ask for.

However, in this case the employees did get a lot of what they asked for and the members held a ratification vote on March 1st. The Bargaining Team went over the details of the agreement and answered member’s questions for two hours. When all the questions were answered and the members were ready to vote, they voted overwhelmingly in favour of the new agreement.

And while Tom Milne would be the first to agree it is not perfect, as he said, it is the start of a process and now the members have their rights in writing.

Congratulations to the Bargaining Team and the members of Local 50058.