PSAC Regional Conventions

//PSAC Regional Conventions

PSAC Regional Conventions


Over the past few months the PSAC has been holding Regional Conventions across the country. In five of the seven regions GSU now has members on the Regional Council and they are as follows:

Greg McGillis was elected as Regional Executive Vice President of the NCR and is from Local 70017.

François Zarraga is the Chair of the Pride Committee for the NCR and is from Local 70013.

Souad Soubra Boone represents members with disabilities in Ontario and is from Local 00027.

Linda Harding is the Coordinator of Health and Safety in the Pacific and is from Local 20008.

Kimberley Kimmins is the Territorial Director for the NWT in the North and is from Local XPW75.

Shanny Doucet is the Director for Francophone members for the Atlantic and is from Local 60018.

Congratulations to everyone for your commitment to GSU and to the PSAC region you are a part of.