The Local carries out three important functions at the worksite. It provides workplace representation for those workers covered by PSAC collective agreements (including grievance representation and overall membership representation through union-management fora), it provides political leadership to the members, and it provides direction to the union, by ensuring Local concerns and issues are raised. These functions are necessary to create a strong and effective union presence at the worksite.

Locals have the authority to elect their own officers, adopt By-laws, and establish a dues structure to provide the funds required to operate.

Local By-laws constitute the democratic framework within which the Local operates and enshrine the Local’s power and authority. They provide guidelines for the protection of the democratic rights of the membership as well as the structure of the Local. They must not conflict with the By-laws of the Component, where applicable, and/or the PSAC Constitution and they need to be flexible enough so the Local can operate in crisis situations (e.g., strikes).

Locals generally are able to:

Set their own dues rate and establish financial administration procedures;
Elect officers to established positions within the Local;
Conduct their own meetings on a regular and annual basis;
Protect the rights and advance the interests of Local members in the workplace and in the larger union.