GSU Statement on Mandatory Vaccinations

Aug. 19, 2021

Comrades, Sisters and Brothers,


This past Friday, August 13, the federal government announced it will require COVID-19 vaccinations for all federal public servants. The Government Services Union has been monitoring this situation closely, and we will continue to ensure that the interests of our members are represented.


The PSAC is currently in consultation with the Treasury Board on the specifics of the policy. They've consulted what accommodations may look like, among other issues. A final policy won't be released until those consultations wrap up. 


We understand that there will be some requirements for accommodation based on legitimate reasons for exemption, and the GSU supports these accommodations. We will also continue to advocate for the government to maintain other measures that help to reduce exposure to the virus, including telework, varied work schedules, and flexibility for family care.


Broadly, the GSU is in support of the vaccination program as the best way to ensure a safe return to work for all our members. Although we support the goals of the government’s proposal, it’s critical that any eventual plan put forward by the government that would collect or verify the vaccination or medical status of our members respects their legal right to privacy. 


The safety and security of our members is the GSU’s priority, as it has been through this pandemic. On that, the GSU will not compromise. Employers have a duty to ensure our workplaces are safe for public service workers and Canadians everywhere. 

Randy Howard

National President / Président national
Government Services Union / Syndicat des services gouvernementaux