International Day of Mourning

Apr. 28, 2020

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the International Day of Mourning.  This day was created to remind us of those who were killed or injured on the job.  Everywhere around the world ceremonies are held to remember with a moment of silence at 11:00am.

The contrast will be especially striking this year as globally, so many workers contracted Covid 19 and still our health care workers, cleaners, grocery store workers, truckers still go to work, with ceremonies being attended only virtually.  This year the day is especially poignant as I write from Nova Scotia where April 18-19 our province saw the unfolding of the largest mass murder in our history.  RCMP officers were killed and injured and so many of our first responders will suffer from what they saw on that fateful Sunday.  Good Samaritans and so many others will never go to work again.

The reality is we are living during a time that will be forever remembered in our history.  The statistics pulled from this year’s collective records will be precedent setting.  However, in spite of all this I look for hope, I see so many around the world virtually embrace our province.  This sunset was one of many where the sky was on fire with such beauty on April 20, 2020, contrasted against the horror.

Let’s remember that as people go to work, we should be kind to our coworkers, try to help not hurt, be kind with our words and actions.  Most of all, if you see something say something.  Mental illness must be taken seriously, domestic violence does have broader impacts. 

Nova Scotia Strong. Canada Strong. We remember….


Kelly Bush

National Vice-President, Equity