What is Memberlink?


Memberlink is a web-based program that receives information from and contributes to UnionWare: the software that the Union uses to track all Member information, as well as all information related to its membership (grievance information, etc.). Memberlink is tailored to GSU representation and its membership, refined further with feedback from locals in the pilot project.

What does it do?

  • Real-time access to active and dormant local membership
  • Houses standard grievance language to populate grievances for commonly filed grievances
  • Pulls available data from the central database (UnionWare) to complete grievance forms
  • Electronic storage of documents
  • Electronic tracking of grievances throughout the grievance procedure
  • Local and Regional monitoring of grievances with ease, opportunities to mentor and train new stewards with ease, transfer of files to the final level of the grievance procedure with ease
  • Communication: ability to share representation information and other communication

Who can use Memberlink?

Anyone handling grievances at the Local or Regional level can and should be using Memberlink. If you took the Grievances Handling course offered by PSAC, then you can request access to Memberlink. 

To request access to Memberlink, please contact the GSU National Office at: gsu-ssg@psac-afpc.com


Memberlink Portal


Useful information

Memberlink Account Creation