Local 60018 Shediac

GSU Local 60018 was created in 1999 following the merger of the Union of Public Works and Supply and Services Union. Our Local is composed of over 600 members located in 4 buildings in the town of Shediac, New Brunswick. Our members are pension experts who administer the Public Service Superannuation Pension Plan, the RCMP pension plan as well as the pension plan for our Members of Parliament.

Our office is located on the 2nd floor of 10 Weldon Street. You may contact your union representatives for any of your union matters by telephone or by e-mail.

Local Executives

Position Name/Nom Email/Courriel Phone/Téléphone
Matthew Fieldspresident.local60018@gsu-ssg.com506 533 8644
1st Vice-President
1er Vice-Président
Kelly Velazquez1stvicepresident.local60018@gsu-ssg.com506 533 5408
2nd Vice-President
2e Vice-Présidente
Debbie Lewis2ndvicepresident.local60018@gsu-ssg.com506 533 5408
Gerry Finnigansecretary.local60018@gsu-ssg.com506 380 3547
Robert Barclaytreasurer.local60018@gsu-ssg.com506 533 5692
Communications Officer
Officer Agent des communications
Chief Shop Steward
Déléguée syndical en chef

Shop Stewards

 Name/Nom  Location/Endroit
 Laura Cleven  Pay Center
 Jodie Poirier Telework
 Carrie Garvin  MCL
 Chantal Landry  Telework
 Heather McGrath   Weldon
 Carron Moore  MCL
 Patricia Murphy  MCL
 Susan Smith  Telework
 Jolene Thibodeau  Telework
 Tanya Wilson  Weldon