Dear Sisters and Brothers of Local 70013.

We are still awaiting the updated list from PSAC for the members who showed their solidarity and showed up to the picket lines to fight for better wages and better rights and helped us all win together. We were notified by PSAC last week that an updated list should be arriving this week.

The local 70013 top up amount will be $50 per day for members who were on the picket lines and appear in our local 70013 PSAC list. The top up payments will be issued by cheque only.

Once the final PSAC list is received, we will advise where members can pick up their cheques.

Please check back here regularly for updates.

In Solidarity, Sina Agah

President of Local 70013 

Local 70013 Ottawa/Gatineau Services

GSU Local 70013 represents PSAC members in the Ottawa / Gatineau region working at Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC) within the following branches:

-Receiver General and Pension Branch                 -Pay Administration Branch                 - Policy, Planning and Communications Branch  

-HR to Pay Branch                                                            -Human Resources Branch                  -Finance and Administration Branch


Our members are located throughout the NCR in several locations such as the Phoenix pay call center, multiple Phoenix pay offices, the CFSA Pension Center as well as numerous other locations. We provide services and product support in a wide range of areas such as Pay, HR & Pension processing, System support and a wide range of financial services.

Our Union and its members do not only take an active role in being leaders in the workplace, we also take an active interest in the social and economic health of our communities. We have members who participate in many PSAC and workplace committees such as Workplace health and safety, Pride, PSAC young workers committees etc.

If you would like more information, are interested in participating or require work/union related assistance, please contact us at the email address below and one of our team members will contact you directly.

To contact us, please email Info.Local70013@gsu-ssg.com

Local Executives

Position Name/Nom Email/Courriel Phone/Téléphone
Sina Agah (Coldrey)president.local70013@gsu-ssg.com
1st Vice-President
1ère Vice-Présidente
Lyne Michaud (PDP)
Junior Ngandu (PDP)
Marc Mousseau (Coldrey)
Chief Shop Steward 1
Déléguée syndical en chef 1
Irene Georgieva (PDP)
Chief Shop Steward 2
Délégué syndical en chef
Vincent Brassard (PDP)
Yaroslav Kievsky (Coldrey)

Shop Steward

 Name/Nom  Location/Endroit
Andrew Lentini Coldrey
Virgil Chin Coldrey
Benjamin Gronfors 140 O'Connor StreetColdrey
Modeste Ndoutse CCC
Simon Pierre Njock Bot  140 O'Connor Street
Gilles Gabin Kamdem Nkega 140 O'Connor Street
Carolyne Lafontaine PDP
Sheba Azzan 140 O'Connor
Valerie Gauthier Coldrey


The local will be conducting a special membership meeting via Zoom on March 20, 2023 (6-7pm) for an election of delegates for the GSU Triennial Convention to be held in Ottawa September 26-28, 2023. 


  1. Description of Convention 
  2. Election of Delegates 

Local Website: https://gsu-ssg.com/en/resources-members/locals/national-capital/70013-ottawagatineau-services 

GSU Triennial Convention Website: https://gsu-ssg.com/en/gsu/governance-of-gsu/triennial-national-convention/gsu-2023-convention 

Members in good standing who wish to nominate themselves as a delegate please RSVP to the local email address info.Local70013@gsu-ssg.com Please include your name, PSAC number, personal phone and personal email address in the RSVP