Local 10060 Matane

Our members are located in Matane, Québec and in the Gaspé Region along the St. Lawrence River. The population is 15,000 and there are no traffic jams in the morning!

Our members work in the following areas: bank reconciliation for all government issued cheques; client services, cheque storage, corporate accounting and document imaging services.

Local Executives

Position Name/Nom Email/Courriel Phone/Téléphone
Sonia Gagnépresident.local10060@gsu-ssg.com418 560 0170
1er Vice-President
1ère Vice-Présidente
Marie-Josée Lapointevicepresident1.local10060@gsu-ssg.com
2nd Vice-President
2e Vice-Présidente
Marc Robidouxvicepresident2.local10060@gsu-ssg.com
3rd Vice-President
3e Vice-Présidente
Pascale Charestvicepresident3.local10060@gsu-ssg.com
Isabelle Charettesecretairetresorier.local10060@gsu-ssg.com

Shop Steward

PSA: Nathalie Canuel et Jonathan Dion
RG: David Barr
GIN: Tony Truchon