February is Black History Month

//February is Black History Month

February is Black History Month


I know that Black History Month is about celebrating the accomplishments of Black Canadians, and the attached PSAC Statement reflects that beautifully.  But celebrating and talking about the success of Black Canadians feels a bit false with all that is happening in our world today.

Living in today’s world is a bit surreal.  We have a megalomaniac who is governing south of our borders, creating division, fear and chaos and while it is easy for us as Canadians to look to the south and comment on how awful it is there… we need to look in our own communities, in our own back yards.

Racism is alive and well within Canadian borders.  If you are blessed enough to not know about it or not hear about it, count yourself lucky, that is part of white privilege.  Our brothers and sisters who are racially visible, indigenous brothers and sisters, do not have that privilege.

I recently participated in a pilot workshop by the PSAC called “Representing and Advocating Against Workplace Racism”.  This is an advanced course open to PSAC members from all racial backgrounds to deepen our knowledge and understanding of how racism affects our members in the workplace, in the union and in the community.

Yes, I celebrate the accomplishments of Black Canadians, not just in February, but every day.  Take the time to celebrate and also to consider what more there is we don’t talk about.  I urge you all to take the course I mentioned if you are able.  To learn how to not just be an ally but an advocate against anti-black racism in our society.