Grievance Forms

Transmittal Form

Group Grievance (TBS employee only)

A Treasury Board Local/RVP considering the filing of a Group Grievance should always contact the Senior Union Representative in the GSU National Office beforehand in order to confirm this is the best tool to address a workplace issue. A group grievance may be presented when two or more employees in a single department or agency are similarly affected by the interpretation or application of a collective agreement or arbitral award (s. 215). Employees can opt into a group grievance referred by their bargaining agent. Employees may decide later that they no longer wish to participate in the group grievance and opt out (s. 218).

Policy Grievance

Only the PSAC National President can sign a Policy Grievance involving Treasury Board Units. Usually, but not always, a Policy Grievance contests a breach of the collective agreement which impacts a large number of people. For example, an employer’s Directive on the calculation of annual leave is a misinterpretation of the collective agreement. If a Treasury Board Local/RVP views a Policy Grievance as the appropriate grievance tool, the Senior Union Representative at the GSU National Office should be contacted as GSU must seek PSAC agreement to go further.