Mental health is a critically important issue. for union activists. The nature of their work can be stressful and demanding, requiring a great deal of dedication, resilience, and organization. It is essential for union activists to prioritize their mental health in order to remain effective, avoid burnout, and minimize the risks of developing mental health conditions.


JLP Workshop on Mental Health

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) currently offers a workshop (upon request) on mental health in the workplace. We encourage GSU activists to request this workshop in their workplace.

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Beyond the Assessment: Workplace Mental Health Webinar Series

This free 4-part series offered by the Canada Centre for Occupational Health and Safety provides practical advice on assessing and controlling workplace mental health hazards. Learn about program development, how to address hazards and risks, how to have meaningful conversations, and the intersectionality of mental health and other human rights concerns. The sessions are only 45 – 1 hr in length.  

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