Education is key to building a strong union at your workplace. GSU, through its bargaining agent the Public Service Alliance of Canada, offers an extensive list of courses, seminars and educational services. All members in good standing have access to these courses.

For members working at PSPC or SSC, you also have access to the Joint Learning Program. 

The TUB is the foundation of PSAC Education Program and a prerequisite for most of the other courses.

This course will introduce you to the PSAC, its structure, how to become involved and the fundamentals of trade union action. Emphasis is put on members’ rights in the workplace and in the union; on understanding and using the collective agreement and on union mechanisms to obtain and protect rights.   

TUB is delivered through PSAC's Regional Offices. Click on your region below to see when the next TUB course is offered!


Quebec (French only)







PSAC offer members a new way of accessing their education program by offering a high-quality, user-friendly online education program that can be accessed from any home computer or mobile device.  

Online education extends the reach of our education program to members whose location or life circumstances make attending in-person sessions difficult. From our PSAC national website, the Online Education Program will offer online self-paced courses available at your convenience. 

These courses are currently available: 

  • Welcome to Your Union
  • Precarious Work – A Union Issue
  • Grievances, An Overview
  • Understanding your Collective Agreement

The Joint Learning Program (JLP) provides a unique opportunity for unionized public servants and their managers in the Core Public Administration to come together to build a healthier, more productive workplace. 


Among their core workshop, you will find Duty to Accommodate, Employment Equity, Labour-Management Consultations, Mental Health in the Workplace, Preventing Harassment and Violence in the Workplace, Respecting Differences/Anti-Discrimination and Understanding the Collective Agreement.


The JLP does not schedule workshops. Instead, the JLP responds to requests to hold a workshop in a workplace. To request a workshop, both union and management representatives at any level jointly submit a request for a workshop through the JLP website. Once approved by the JLP, the event is posted on the JLP calendar.

For more information on how to request a workshop go to: