This section has been developed to consolidate all available information about strikes.

It is important to note that all matters related to strikes are the responsibility of the PSAC through the regional offices. Do not hesitate to contact your regional office for more information.

Strike Vote

Before any strike actions can happen, members need to vote on a strike mandate. This is called the "strike vote".  A 'yes' vote means giving the barganing union a mandate to authorize strike action. 

Before voting on a strike mandate, members must attend a mandatory strike vote session. 

Click here to learn more about how to register to vote and dates of virtual and in-person session. 



Members in Good Standing (MIGS) are "full member", meaning they have signed their membership card. 

On th other hand, RAND members, although they pay dues, have not signed their membership cards. 

Both type of members are eligible to vote on a strike mandate. However, in the event of a strike, only "full" member will be entitled to a strike pay.

If you haven't sign up your card, or you are not sure if you have, fill out the form here: Electronic Union card – Rand Card


Strike Pay

In the event of a strike, "full" members can receive a strike pay. Members are expected to provide a minimum of four hours of work per day in support of the strike to qualify for strike pay.

In general, members will receive $75.00 per day, for a maximum per calendar week of $375.00 in strike pay from PSAC. Some of GSU Locals also have a strike fund to top up PSAC's strike pay. Strike pay is not considered taxable income by the Canada Revenue Agency.

Strike Vote

Register for a strike vote here.


Inflation Calculator

How does your salary hold up against record inflation we’ve seen over the past two years? See how it compares by using PSAC inflation calculator.



PSAC has developped an extansive Frequently Asks Questions in relation with the strike. Find it here.

The best way to avoid a strike is to prepare for a strike! 

PSAC has developped a self-paces online strike preparation workshop. You can find the training here: 

Additionnaly, PSAC Regional Offices are also offering strike training. Contact your Regional Office to register to strike training.

Another great tool is the PSAC Strike Manual, that you can download here.