GSU Internal Committees

National Council members, as well as some Local Presidents, participate on various internal committees that oversee important areas of interest for GSU.

The By-laws Committee oversees the creation and maintenance of GSU by-laws, regulations and policies which are the set rules that guide the Union. It makes recommendations on the creation or amendments of by-laws, regulations and policies to National Council and ensures that Local’s by-laws do not contravene GSU’s.

By-Laws Committee Members:

  • William Tait, NVP(Chair)
  • Reni Stein, RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Troy MacDonnell, RVP
  • Chantal Umphrey, RVP
  • Joel Kowerko, Local President 50057


Terms of Reference 

The Education Committee oversees GSU education activities. It also promotes current education programs and makes recommendations on education needs to National Council.

Education Committee Members:

  • Steve Colterman, NVP (Chair)
  • Azra Jusuf, RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Sina Agah, RVP
  • Jason Lapointe, RVP
  • Caroline Manyk, Local President 30001


Education Committee Terms of Reference

The Human Rights/Equity Committee supports the Pride, Indigenous, Racialized Communities, Women and Persons with Disabilities. The committee promotes communication and the exchange of information, consultation with employers on employment equity issues, promoting education and training as well as building coalitions with community-based groups engaged in human rights issues.

Committee Members:

  • William Tait, NVP (Chair)
  • Sarah Bolger, RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Andrea Lima, RVP
  • Stéphanie Rochon, Local President 10011
  • Jade Conrad, Local 70017
  • Liliana Manolache, Local President 00027
  • Virginia Syrowit - Equity Officer 50058
  • Western Region - vacant


Terms of Reference

The Financial Review Committee reviews all financial matters of the Union and makes recommendations on finance matters to National Council.

Financial Review Committee Members:

  • Martine Babcook, NVP (Chair)
  • Mélanie Hamel, RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Paul Paquette, RVP
  • Sonia Gagné, Local President 10060
  • Vincent Brassard, Local President 70013


Finance Committee TOR

The Local Development Committee oversees the development of Locals as well as union activists. It also develops initiatives to increase members’ mobilization and engagement as well as make recommendations to the National Council and the National President. 

Local Development Committee Members:

  • Steve Colterman, NVP (Chair)
  • Jean-Michel Riel , RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Sheldon Jacobs, RVP
  • Joe Walsh, Local President 20001
  • Suzanne Sirois, Local President 70017


Local Development Terms of Reference

The Union Recognition Committee provides input and guidance as well as makes recommendations regarding the various awards and promotional items offered by GSU.

Union Recognition Committee Members:

  • Anthony Drozdowski, RVP(Chair)
  • Ian Leblanc, RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Shannon Mayer, Local President 40007
  • Shawn Hunter, Local President 50058
  • Michael Murphy Local President 90031


Union Recognition Committee Terms of Reference

The Young Workers Committee's mandate is to plan the triennial Young Workers Conference. GSU defines a Young Worker as anyone under the age of 35 years old.

Young Workers Committee Members:

  • Jean-Michel Riel, RVP (Chair)
  • Sarah Bolger, RVP (Co-Chair)
  • Andrea Lima, RVP
  • Simon Pazdor, Local President 50002


Terms of reference