GSU Convention 2023

Oct. 3, 2023

Members of GSU’s National Council are elected at the Triennial Convention. GSU‘s National Council is composed of 15 Regional Vice-Presidents, 3 National Vice-Presidents and the National President. Between Conventions, the National Council takes the actions needed to carry out the direction set by GSU members. Here are the members of National Council for the next 3 years!


National President – Bruce Roy

National Vice-President – Equity – William Tait

National Vice-Presidents – Martine Babcook and Steve Colterman

Regional Vice-Presidents:

Atlantic Region

Anthony Drozdowski

Troy MacDonnell

Sarah Bolger

Quebec Region

Mélanie Hamel

National Capital Region

Paul Paquette

Lyne Michaud

Ian Leblanc

Jean-Michel Riel

Ontario Region

Azra Jusuf

Western Region

Sheldon Jacobs

Chantal Umphrey

Pacific Region

Reni Stein

Andrea Lima

Royal Canadian Mint

Jason Lapointe

GSU would like to thank all delegates for a great Convention and congratulate the newly elected National Council members!