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  With the recent passage of Bill C-16, our government has finally taken a concrete step to protect the trans community from discrimination. For our friends, family members and colleagues who are trans, two-spirit or gender-diverse, this is a momentous and hard-fought victory. Sadly, like most civil rights movements, there is still a great deal of work ahead to make [...]


Canadian Infrastructure Bank

(Please click on photo above to watch video!) Government is rushing the $35 Billion project The Finance Minister has said he would like the new Canada Infrastructure Bank up and running by the end of 2017. Operational details for the project were only included in the recently-tabled Budget Implementation Act, and the government has already begun a recruitment drive for [...]

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National Public Service Week vs Phoenix

National Public Service Week is supposed to mark the importance of federal public service employees. Each year, the Canadian government invites his employees to a BBQ. Yet, after more than a year, thousands of public service workers are still victims of the Phoenix pay system. This week the PSAC-NCR Vox-Pop team interviews members of the public to get their perspective!

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PSAC and Treasury Board sign collective agreements for PA, EB, TC and SV

  After much delay on the part of the employer, Treasury Board and PSAC have finally signed collective agreements for the PA, EB, TC and SV bargaining units. This is the result of significant pressure from our union. These agreements, which cover over 85,000 workers in the federal public service, were ratified by the membership in April. Since then, PSAC [...]

PSAC and Treasury Board sign collective agreements for PA, EB, TC and SV 2017-06-15T09:40:55+00:00

Membership in Good Standing

  Due to a Phoenix pay system problem, members who ought to be in good standing have been rendered not in good standing because their dues have abruptly stopped (despite their continued employment). Unfortunately, it is impossible for Membership Administration to determine if dues have stopped due to a Phoenix glitch or if the member is on leave, retired, etc. [...]

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