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It has been some time since the completion of our Convention held on September 25-28, 2017.  I want to thank all the delegates for their participation. The National Convention is the governing body of this union.  I want to congratulate the Sisters and Brothers that were elected to National Council. I also want to thank Brother Bruce Roy and Brother Marc Robidoux for putting their names forward to ensure that our democratic processes continue and I look forward to working with both over the next three years. We have an immense amount of work in front of us.  We need to be aware of the issues our members are facing and represent our members to the best of our capabilities.  Over the next three years we need to continue to hold the Employers accountable, train our National Council Officers and support our members across Canada.

Our National Council of twenty (20) includes eight (8) new sisters and brothers with one (1) returning sister to National Council.  We should also be proud that National Council now has thirteen (13) Sisters sitting in these elected positions.  Another first we should be proud of is the election of a Regional Vice-President, Royal Canadian Mint.  This position was created by a resolution brought to convention and voted on by you, the delegates.  At our first National Council meeting held immediately after convention, I looked around the table and was proud that our delegates elected a council that respects equity and equality.

GSU National Council ratified our internal and departmental committees at our National Council meeting November 17, 2017.  Our Collective Bargaining Committee has already met to review the bargaining demands for our members under the Treasury Board agreements.  We are in the process of translating the demands and they will be transmitted to Public Service Alliance of Canada.  Soon, the Collective Bargaining Committee will be reviewing the bargaining demands for the Protective Services Officers, Royal Canadian Mint, Local 50058 and Royal Canadian Mint Locals, 50057, Winnipeg and 70024, Ottawa.

We have met with the Deputy Minister for Public Service and Procurement Canada on the National Union/Management Consultation Committee and the Real Property Branch Union/Management Consultation Committee.  We have a few more departmental meetings before year end.  We have also met with Treasury Board on the continued issues with Pay and Compensation.  By now, you have already read and/or have heard about the Auditor General’s Report on the Phoenix pay system.  Everything in the report solidified what Government Services Union/Public Service Alliance of Canada was telling the Employer from the very beginning.  Government Services Union and Public Service Alliance of Canada will ensure that Public Service and Procurement Canada and Treasury Board follow through on the commitments they both made to the Auditor General and to the Public Service members working in pay and compensation.  We want all public service members to receive their correct pay and will continue to remind this government of their responsibility to see that this is completed.

Our members at the Pay Centre in Miramichi have been working hard to get public service employees paid.  There was a Memorandum of Agreement signed between Public Service Alliance of Canada and Treasury Board of Canada in August 2017 with an implementation date of October 1, 2017.  We had to remind the Treasury Board none of the agreement had been implemented as of November 2017.  Treasury Board has now begun to implement the Agreement and the Compensation Advisors received their first payment of the incentive on November 29, 2017.

In the coming future, we will be meeting with Shared Services Canada because we are aware of the many issues such as job classification, scheduling and staffing.  We want the Employer to understand by consulting with the union, it would allow for a collaborative approach within their business, enhancing management and employee relationships.  Our members at Shared Services Canada are entitled to be remunerated for the work they are performing as well as maintaining a healthy work and life balance.

We are excited to have a dedicated Regional Vice President for our Locals and members working at the Royal Canadian Mint.  In the past, as a separate employer, they would not meet and made it difficult for GSU representatives to meet with the members of the Mint if they were not RCM members.  With the election of a Royal Canadian Mint member to Regional Vice President, the three locals within the Royal Canadian Mint will now have the support required to represent our members at the Mint.

It takes all of us working together to ensure our members receive the support, training and representation they deserve.  I want to thank all elected officers for the work that you continue to do for our members and I look forward to working with each one of you.

No one ever said doing something worthwhile would be easy.

In Solidarity,

Randy Howard

National President

Government Services Union, PSAC