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There will be a statement from the new President Shortly.






donnaOur members are facing a year of many challenges. A federal election and collective bargaining are just two of the challenges. But as we know from the past practices of this current government, our members can expect a long and arduous road with both. Now that the writ has dropped and we are at the beginning of the longest election process in modern history our members need to clearly examine this government’s policies and work to defeat it. Collective bargaining is a slow process with many bargaining demands… and our collective agreements are not for sale!

 We will not give up our hard fought rights contained within them.

I would ask all of our members to check daily for updates on the PSAC website, as well as the GSU website for links to important information that they may need to know over the coming months. As well, there are many events planned across the country to show support for collective bargaining that you will want to attend and support. GSU will ensure we keep our list of these upcoming events posted.

In April Government Services Union was represented by 18 delegates and 3 observers at the Public Service Alliance of Canada Convention. This convention is held every three years and provides us an opportunity to do the business of the union, make changes to the constitution and elect the National President and National Vice-President. Sister Robyn Benson and Brother Chris Aylward were both acclaimed as National President and National Executive Vice-President respectively and Brother Larry Rousseau is the alternate Executive Vice-President.

Also at the Convention the members voted to allocate a $5 million budget to fight the Conservative government and to create a national advertising campaign. There were many other resolutions raised and debated amongst the delegates concerning a number of issues such as gender expression, regional health and safety committees, area councils, the definition of young workers, aboriginal workers education as well as creating a course on domestic violence awareness.

Conventions are more than just debating resolutions, however, and to that extent there were a number of powerful and exceptional speakers starting with Hassan Yussuff, President of the Canadian Labour Congress, Alex Himelfarb who among other titles, is the chair of the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness, and finally Beatrice Vaugrante the Executive Director of Amnesty International Canada’s Francophone Branch.

In May we held our Local Presidents Conference and National Council meetings in Halifax. The Local Presidents Conference is our once a year gathering where we have the opportunity to participate as a component in education sessions and to hear what is going on in each local and in each region. We were lucky have a brief presentation concerning the issue of mental health with Stephane Grenier, how it is affecting our members and how the stewards are coping with the stress our members are facing in the workplace.

We also had a presentation and update about Unionware at the meeting. We announced the 4 locals that will be taking part in the pilot process in using the new portal. This is scheduled to begin this fall and it will include two locals from the NCR, one from the Atlantic, and one from the Western region.

Education and Local Development are very important elements of what we do as union activists and with this in mind we will be focusing our attentions on the Miramichi Local as it continues to grow and expand with almost 300 new members. We are also going to follow through with the next step in the mental health training with two sessions planned-one in the NCR and one in the Atlantic with all training delivered by Stephane Grenier.

As local executives continue to change with new members moving into executive positions education is becoming more important than ever. I strongly encourage all locals to send their executives on any and all PSAC training when it is offered and encourage every local to check the regional website and our website for the links to the courses offered.

As I said earlier, at the PSAC convention a motion was passed to develop a campaign to help defeat the Conservative Government. This government has been slashing jobs and fighting unions ever since it was elected and the PSAC ad campaign that was launched just these past weeks across the country showed that to ordinary Canadians. As you have seen the campaign has been a great national success with print, TV and radio coverage. There have been over 2 million “views” with millions of “likes” on all social media. I was very proud to have been a part of the committee that selected the company that led our campaign, they did an amazing job!!

You and your members have been coming out to the “19th” events over the past few months but we need to continue over this last month of summer and fall leading up to the October election. And finally I want to remind everyone of the importance of voting, having your voice heard, and doing your part as a Canadian to cast your ballot.


“You cannot complain if you do not vote”.

In Solidarity,

Donna Lackie

National President

Report of the National President Donna Lackie – to National Council – Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 2015

Government Services Union continues to work immensely hard, each and every day on our member’s behalf, from representation cases, to disability management, to consultation.  The sheer volume of the work required to ensure our members are appropriately represented takes a great deal of dedication from each and every one of you, along with the guidance of the GSU Representation staff.  Over the last couple of years I have seen an alarming increase in the number of cases making their way to the GSU representation section, complicated cases like dismissals and medical disability claims.  I expect that these cases will only increase over the coming years with the conservative government threatening to impose a short term disability program on our members.

We have now held the PSAC 2015 National Convention in Quebec City and I am proud to say that Sister Benson was acclaimed in her position as National President, as was Brother Chris Aylward as National Executive Vice President.  Sister Benson has worked very hard to stand strong in her fight with Treasury Board to ensure our sick leave is not eliminated and replaced with an inferior version of our current sick leave program.  Never before has it been more important to become politically active within your regions, communities and workplaces on issues having an impact on our sick leave, current collective agreement language and salary increases.

The recent political wins in Alberta have shown that Canadians will no longer accept the “status quo” of a conservative government and has resulted in a shift in the tide.  As labour activists we must continue to support this change, ensure a positive outcome for all of our members.  Encourage our friends, families and co-workers to get out and vote….Alberta has demonstrated how change can become a reality, so now it is up to the rest of us to follow their lead.

Now more than ever, we must reach out to our membership and engage with our members.  GSU has consultation at all levels of PWGSC and Shared Services Canada but we are not getting our members concerns heard….because we are not engaging with our members.  Recently Brother Bob Cameron sent an e-mail request to all Local Presidents asking for someone from with their executives or locals to help bring forward issues of concerns from the member’s branches/organizations to the GSU consultation with the employers.  To date, Brother Cameron has received no responses.  Currently we attend consultation with departments and the agendas contain subjects that the employer wants to talk about, but we need to ensure our member’s issues are also getting to these consultation tables and we cannot do that unless we hear from our members.  I want to challenge each and every one of us leaving this National Council meeting in Halifax to go back to your regions and work with the locals to actively seek out members, talk to them about collective bargaining, encourage them to read the PSAC and GSU websites for updates, talk to them about their concerns about sick leave, and remind them all to vote in October.

I have been asked by the National President of the PSAC to be a member of many committees such as, PSAC Holdings, PSAC Health and Safety, PSAC Strike Fund, PSAC Roles and Responsibilities Committee, and the NJC/PSAC Joint Committee on Employment Equity which I co-chair with the employer (Treasury Board), as well as the PSAC National Board of Directors, as well as any other requirements of the PSAC National President. These committees can be highly task based and require additional time and attention, but never from my GSU priorities.

The work of the National Vice Presidents has continued seamlessly since our GSU convention last September, of course, with the addition of Sister Lori Walton as National Equity Officer.  Sister Walton has taken on a full work load for GSU from multi branch consultations, to support for all matters Work Force Adjustment (Regionally) to all matters relating to equity for our members.  Sister Walton has posted many excellent equity issues on the GSU website which I encourage all of you to share with your members and locals. Sister Walton also chairs the GSU Local Development Committee and the newly formed Youth Committee. As well as hosting the new GSU equity Committee meeting this month in Ottawa, Sister Walton is also going to be leading an exciting new Equity and Diversity Campaign with another PSAC component to be launched soon….more to come on that later. !!

Brother Bob Cameron continues to represent GSU with a very busy portfolio from multi-branch consultation, GSU Communication committee, GSU Discipline Investigation Committee, the newly established GSU Education Committee.  As well, like all the National Vice-Presidents, Brother Cameron also provides much needed support and guidance to members not only in the Atlantic Region, but nationally as well.  Brother Cameron has also become the GSU “go to guy” on all matters relating to PSST complaints, as he has proven time and again that our members must be represented on PSST and how to do this process.

Work Force Adjustment continues to pose challenges for our members as they work through this program, and GSU is very fortunate to have Brother Jack Gale as lead for both our PWGSC and SSC members. Brother Gale has worked very hard on strategies to ensure that all GSU members impacted by Work Force Adjustment, and who wish to continue to work, have to ability to do so with access to employment strategies and/or opportunities.  Brother Gale works with all of our officers across the country assisting in regional WFA cases, one on one.   As well, Brother Gale participates on all national consultation with both PWGSC and SSC, GSU By-law Review, and GSU Finance Committee.

The work of the three NVPs is a crucial part of the day to day operations at GSU, and without their dedication to GSU and, most importantly, to our members, our successes would not be possible.  I am truly grateful for their dedication and support to me as we all work hard to protect our member’s rights.

In closing, none of this work gets done without the creative oversight of the GSU National Office, all of whom are dedicated to you our National Officers, and to our Members.  I would like to personally thank Maria Thomas for her support and friendship as we work together each day to provide support and service to National Council, to Brother Bob Haywood for working hand in hand to support the locals and providing them daily guidance.  To Brother Craig Spencer, Sister Michon-Hamelin and Sister Ehler for providing the best representation possible to our GSU members.  Sister York for helping us support the roll out of UnionWare, our GSU website and for keeping our membership lists current.  Sister Laprade for supporting the national office and being the friendly voice that everyone hears first.

Sister Gail Peck will be retiring from GSU this year, albeit slowly I am pleased to say.  And at this GSU Local President’s Conference/National Council you will all meet for the first time, Sister Monique Desrosiers who I have hired to replace Sister Peck.  Sister Desrosiers comes to GSU with many years finance experience working with the Union of Taxation Employees union…..I know I can count on all of you to welcome Sister Desrosier to GSU.

And “thank you” again, to all of GSU National Council for your dedication and hard work for our members coast to coast.

Respectfully submitted.

Donna Lackie

National President

Government Services Union

Report of the National President, Donna Lackie GSU Convention – September 2014, Ottawa

To GSU Convention, September 2014, Ottawa

In accordance with Government Services Union By-laws, I hereby submit my report.

I will report as required by our By-laws and include a series of additional comments on a range of matters.

During my opening address to convention, I will include additional topics of concern, and political matters having impact on GSU.


Currently there are 7600 members, of which 852 are Rand members.

We have 5,757 members in the PA group- Treasury Board Program and Administration Group, 377 in Operational, 613 in Technical, and 8 in Education and Library Science; of these 5,678 are employed at Public Works and Government Services Canada, 1,077 are employed at Shared Services Canada.

Royal Canadian Mint, both in Winnipeg and Ottawa totals 730 members. Metcalfe Realty has 6 members.

Currently our membership is represented by 54.9% AS group which is GSU’s largest member group.  The Royal Canadian Mint’s membership has increased by 11%.

GSU’s membership is represented by 5,118 women, 2,373 men; 5,073 anglophones and 2,418 francophones.

We continue to grow even under the current Conservative political attacks on our public services.  In 2015-2016 we anticipate an additional 200 members to be added in the last round of hiring in the Miramichi Pay Center. As a PSAC component, GSU has only experienced slight impacts by both the Deficit Reduction Action Plan and Strategic Reviews, and we have managed through the GSU Work Force Adjustment Committee to support our members and to assist them in sustaining their employment.


GSU is in a solid financial position and has completed this 3 year cycle with a surplus, resulting in our reporting to convention a “no dues” increase to our members.

The proposed budget for 2015-17 will continue to allocate the funding necessary in support of GSU’s focus on education and Local Development over the next 3 years.

I worked hard with the PSAC to defend GSU’s right to secure new members from both Shared Services Canada and the Miramichi Pay Center.  These new GSU members resulted in a financial surplus in 2013.  This then enabled GSU to assist with sending GSU National Council and Local Officers to attend their PSAC Regional Conventions in 2014.

Sound financial stewardship is the cornerstone of GSU’s commitment to our members; we will ensure the appropriate oversight and management of our member’s dues. 

GSU National Office

The GSU National office has been through recent changes in staff both with retirements and changes in personnel.  And while change can be challenging, it is also an opportunity to re-introduce new life and ideas into a workplace.  GSU was very fortunate to secure the support of former members to bring their strong union activism to GSU.

Sister Stephanie Ehler is now the Representation administration support, Sister Jennifer York is the new Technology Assistant, Brother Bob Haywood is the new Special Advisor to the National President, and Sister Claudine Martel is acting in the position of Receptionist.

Brother Bob Haywood comes to GSU from his former PSAC position in Iqaluit working in the PSAC Northern Office.  Brother Haywood has many years of experience working for the PSAC and he has been an immense support to the GSU National office, National Council, Local Presidents and our members.

It is an immense honour for me to work each day with the GSU National Office Staff, their commitment in support of our GSU members cannot be overstated.
I watch each and every one of them demonstrate commitment to our members, commitment to the PSAC and commitment to each and every elected officer of GSU.

GSU Representation led by Brother Craig Spencer along with Sister Paulette Michon-Hamelin and Sister Stephanie Ehler provide representation, advice and guidance for GSU members each and every day.  The tireless work of representing very complicated cases is performed by this dedicated team and I am very proud to work with them.

Sister Gail Peck has always maintained and supported the financial budgets passed by each GSU convention, she has provided financial support and guidance for many years to GSU.  I am aware that Sister Peck is preparing to enter retirement in the near future and she will be instrumental in assisting the process to hire and transition into place a new GSU Financial Officer.

Sister Maria Thomas is the Administrative Assistant to the National President and has been with GSU for many years.  Most GSU elected officers will also recognize Maria for her work at this year’s GSU Convention which is a new role for her and one that she has performed in her usual professional manner. Sister Thomas is vital to the work that I do every day, and it is an honour to have her dedication in support of my work. 

GSU National Council

I am proud to say that since our GSU Convention of 2011, GSU’s National Council has experienced only a few changes in our composition.  The continued dedication of National Council in support of the locals in their regions has provided support to our members across the country.

GSU National Council has met 4 times, and teleconferenced twice.  All minutes of GSU National Council are available on the GSU website and I invite you to take the time to look them over. Unfortunately the minutes do not reflect the training that was delivered to the Council and their participation in it.

GSU National Council has provided direction and support to the many committees both internal and external to GSU.  Most of National Council sits on Regional Labour Management committees, Regional Health and Safety Committees and GSU branch consultation committees.


Currently, GSU has 34 Locals, with one local inactive-Metcalfe Realty.

With an increase in members over these last three years, we saw two new locals developed in support our new members.  Local 70017 is a Shared Services Canada Local in the National Capital Region with 605 members, as well, Local 60011 in Miramichi with 253 members.

Both of these locals will continue to grow, in particular the Miramichi Local as they continue to hire and train Pay and Compensation advisors in support of the federal government’s new pay modernization.

Local President’s conferences were held in Winnipeg (2013) and Quebec City in (2012).

I have attended 30 different local AGMs over the last three years.  Local Presidents/RVP meetings, PSAC Regional conventions have been supported by myself or the National Vice Presidents and Regional Vice Presidents.

GSU continues to work with the PSAC in the regions to ensure the locals are provided with training to support their locals/members and elected officers. 


GSU consults on a vast number of employer issues, health and safety, security, conditions of employment, pay modernization.

The suite of assigned portfolios held by the three National Vice Presidents and the Regional Vice Presidents speaks to the engaged and consultative process currently supported.  I will refer you to their individual reports for specific details of their many branch consultations.

Over the past three years, GSU National Vice Presidents and myself have become even more engaged in our consultative roles across all three employer groups.  Active participation in branch business lines, engaged dialogue on new initiatives, recognition as a stakeholder in matters affecting our members, have all lead to a new relationship with our three major employees.

As did Brother Brunell before me, I also signed the Union Recognition document between PWGSC and GSU.  This document supports the recognition of both parties of the commitment that GSU officers bring to the workplace in support of our members. Currently this same document is in discussion with Shared Services Canada and the Royal Canadian Mint to also recognize and adopt these practices.

Collective Bargaining

We have now commenced collective bargaining on behalf of all GSU members.  Treasury Board – Public Works and Government Services Canada, Shared Services Canada as well as the Royal Canadian Mint.

I am proud to say that GSU has a member on the PA negotiating team –Sister Kelly Bush, and on the SV team-Brother Frank Nittschman.  These teams have now met with the employer and the long and complicated task of negotiations is underway.

As we are all aware, these employers have indicated that they want to make major changes to our negotiated rights for sick leave, a bargained right that we have had enshrined in our collective agreements our entire careers.  We will not be selling our sick leave rights and our teams are prepared to enhance these provisions not bargain them away.

I want to encourage each and every member of Government Services Union to send words of encouragement to our bargaining teams and to support all future political action calls.

PSAC Representation

As of this date, I represent GSU on NBoD, PSAC Holdings, Roles and Responsibilities, Health and Safety, National Call Centers, NJC-Joint Employment Equity Committee, Strike Fund, Transformation of Pay Modernization Committee, and a variety of ad hoc committees directed by the National President of the PSAC.

GSU National and Local officers represent GSU in their Regional Councils, Area Councils and provincial Federations of Labour.

National Council Recommendations

GSU By-law 7.1(d) prescribes the need for the National President’s report to convention “to include recommendations which the National Council deems necessary to meet the continuing aims and objectives of this Union”

National Council worked hard over these last three years, and with the aggressive actions of the Conservative government in its attempt to intervene in the unions business, National Council had to make difficult financial accountability decisions.  And while some of these decisions may be met with resistance by some of our locals, it is imperative that National Council protect both the locals and the component against any attacks by the Conservative Government.

This National Council has been proactive in its efforts to prepare GSU for any and all changes to financial accountability, as an attack on one of our locals is an attack on GSU and realistically, the PSAC as well.

There are other recommendations and updates that I will provide during my opening address to convention.

In Closing: 

It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour working for all of you these last 3 years.  Each and every day brings with it a new set of challenges and issues but the work is extraordinarily rewarding both personally and professionally and has given me the opportunity to work closely with members of the National Council and the Local Presidents.

To the GSU staff…I thank you for your patience and support of me every day as we work together to represent our members.

To my three NVP Brothers….Jack, Bob and Dan, thank you for trusting me and supporting me these last three years.  It is an honour to work with each of you and I consider you all true friends.  Our GSU members have been provided with an amazing level of service by all three of you.

To National Council….Each of you have supported your locals, represented GSU members, and consulted with the employers and our members should be proud of your dedication.

And finally

To my partner Shirley Russell….Thank you for allowing me the freedom to completely dedicate myself to GSU these last three years, and for your ongoing support for the next three years as I complete the work that I have started at GSU.  It takes a lot of patience to be the partner of a union activist and you have been amazing


Respectfully submitted,

Donna Lackie

National President

Government Services Union, PSAC

8 September 2014




As we reach the mid-point of 2013 I am not only amazed by the passage of time but by the volume of work that we do each and every day for our members. Working in collaboration with four employer groups- Public Works and Government Services Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint, Shared Services Canada and Metcalfe Realty, we provide the responses to the daily questions of members, but most of our time is focused on the larger responsibilities associated with representation, collective bargaining, recruitment and administrative support.

Nothing we do at the Government Services Union could be completed without the vast network of support that we derive from our network of elected officers. It takes the support of each and everyone of you to ensure that the GSU members are receiving the representation, advice and guidance in a timely manner in order to work respectfully and effectively with their employers.

This last year has seen an increase from our membership on “Alternations” and questions from “how to apply for Alternation”, to “is Alternation the right option for me?” At the same time, as compared to other components, the GSU has been, based on its size, one of the least impacted Components within the PSAC group of Components. While we never want to see any PSAC members “Affected”, having so few of our members impacted has allowed us to focus our attention on other areas of concern for our membership.

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Many changes have occurred at PWGSC over the last 10 months, from a new Deputy Minister – Michelle d’Auray – as well as a new group of ADMs in branches like Human Resources Branch, Information Technology, Real Property Branch, Parliamentary Precinct Branch and Corporate Services Branch. I have met with all of these new senior officials and am confident that all of the hard work that we did in the past will be respected as the department continues to build on prior agreements and consultation with the GSU.

GSU continues to work each and every day with PWGSC to ensure that we have engaged consultation at every branch level. A National Vice-President has been assigned as the GSU lead on each of PWGSC’s branch consultation committees. I also attend each branch consultation committee meeting. Consultation at PWGSC has slowly evolved to a more respectful and meaningful process with early consultation occurring and very active dialogue at the consultation table.

PWGSC continues to roll out prescribed Treasury Board initiatives on every aspect of human resource management and it is this one area that causes us the greatest difficulties for our members. Whether it is Guidelines for Union Leave, Respectful Workplaces, or Values and Ethics, I find myself constantly challenging the employer on the “why” aspect of such initiatives.

Royal Canadian Mint

In May the Royal Canadian Mint Local 70024 held their AGM and elected a new Local President – Brother Mathew Robillard.

The Royal Canadian Mint prepares to move to collective bargaining, and the GSU officers – Mathew Robillard, Daniel Charron, Alain Courcelles and Kelly Votto will lead the collective bargaining team for this round.

Recent expansion ceremonies in Winnipeg saw the opening of the new Winnipeg Plating Plant which will result in new members and further growth to the Royal Canadian Mint.

I continue to work hard on engagement with this employer as historically they have chosen to work locally with the Local Presidents. This working relationship is much different from that of Treasury Board departments. While it appears to work for our Royal Canadian Mint members it is imperative that open lines of consultation, at all levels, are a part of recognized and established protocols ensuring appropriate oversight.

Shared Services Canada

This last year we have seen the settling of our new members and their alignment with their new GSU locals across the country. The entire process has not been without challenges as new information was received almost daily impacting our efforts to align the locals.

While we are encouraged by Shared Services Canada’s management of its work force to insulate against Work Force Adjustment, we continue to have issues with our members in workplaces and with workplace issues. Members who were transferred from previous departments, with accommodation agreements in place, found themselves struggling with this new employer to sustain their accommodation agreements.

We have a large Local in the National Capital Region – Local 70017 with Brother Jim McQuaid as the Local President. Jim is an experienced PSAC local president coming to Shared Services Canada from Union of National Employees.

I continue to co-chair the Shared Services Canada National Health and Safety Committee, the National Human Resources Branch, and sit as a member at the National Labour Management Consultation Committee.

Understanding the meaning of “consultation” continues to be an issue with Shared Services Canada. When they ask for our input and we respond only to be told that a decision was made…well, that is NOT consultation. Information roll outs, media scans, Town Halls all happen “after” consultation and this new department is having difficulty engaging. I have had to send back issues that I have provided an opinion on only to be told that the matter was closed, an issue I have now addressed with the President of Shared Services Canada – Liseanne Forand, at the recent National Labour Management Consultation Committee.

PSAC Campaigns

The “We are All Affected” PSAC campaign, was rolled out across Canada in April and May. I participated with many of you in your regional workshops as we all learned about the importance of working together in a national fight back campaign to protect the Rand formula.

Also targeted by this Conservative Government are: attacks on our accumulated sick leave, pension’s issues, pay in arrears, performance management. As I write this report, Bill C-377, a private members bill designed to drill deep into the business of unions, has been returned back to the House of Commons by the Senate. The Senate provided the much-needed second thought that revealed the lack of transparency and accountability in the Bill. This was supported by a dozen Conservative Senators who broke rank and opposed their party’s pressures….they knew it was wrong.

I ask all National Council and Local Presidents to stay informed and current of political activities that the current Conservative Government attempts to implement on an almost weekly basis. The PSAC works hard to fight back against attacks to our established benefits, wages, pensions and we must be prepared to support them.

Government Services Union – National Office

The work provided to our GSU membership does not happen without the support and experience of the GSU staff in Ottawa. Brother Spencer, Sister Michon-Hamelin, and Sister Wilson focus on fourth level grievances and providing officers with the best possible advice and guidance in a timely manner. I know that many of you have told me about the immense support our staff provide to your members, and daily I hear from either Paulette or Craig about the success of a 4th level grievance with the employer.

Sister Cale has been a great addition to our GSU staff, providing much needed support with our plans to increase and develop our use of UnionWare. Sister Laprade is the link to information updates, calls from members and the vast amount of administrative functions that happen each and every day.

Sister Peck maintains daily stewardship over the finances of the GSU, and is a source of corporate knowledge and fiscal accountability ensuring that these finances are on a sound footing.

Sisters Griffin and Thomas, simply put, make it possible for me to do my job. Sister Griffin, not only provides needed political advice but the immense administrative tasks of creating the Local Presidents/National Council meetings right up to the GSU Triennial. These are all major tasks for which I am appreciative of.

Sister Maria Thomas who is patient, hardworking and so very dedicated to GSU, is the person who keeps me on track, on time, and very organized.

I am so very honoured to have all of these people to work with each and every day. As well, our membership is well supported by their dedication.

National Council

At the last meeting in Quebec City of the National Council, I asked Brother Cameron to take on the task of much needed training of the Regional Vice Presidents who were asking for task specific training. As I write this report, this training is scheduled to be presented the week of July 8, 2013 in Ottawa and will include all members of National Council. In partnership with the PSAC, Victoria Gibb-Carsley, Education Officer, Brother Cameron was able to create a custom-made training package for all of National Council to not only build on their existing skill sets, but to provide much needed leadership development.

The National Vice Presidents – Jack Gale, Bob Cameron and Daniel Charron have provided much-needed support over the last two years, and as well, I expanded their roles to include their home regional support. As full time National Vice Presidents, Brother Gale and Brother Cameron were able to provide assistance, when requested by the RVPs, for their home regions. This was beneficial given the need for advice and guidance on Work Force Adjustment, Alternations, “We Are All Affected campaigns”, employer consultation and more.

To all members of National Council, please know that everything that I do is in an effort to ensure the best possible representation for our members, as well, to also ensure that the representation and support that you need to continue in your regions and in your workplaces is available to you.

Not only do I know that I can count on Brother Gale, Brother Cameron and Brother Charron to support me, but I know they are ready at all times to support National Council, Local Presidents and most importantly – our GSU members.

I am proud to also call these three Brothers…Friends.

Respectfully submited:

Donna Lackie
National President
Government Services Union, PSAC