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Local 70015 was established in 2007 in discussion with the National President of the Government Services Union to have the Corporate Environment Health and Safety group form their own Local.  With a membership of 25 members, the Local was established and held their first AGM on October 25, 2007.  The first executive board was elected as follows: Local President was Donna Lackie; Vice President was Pasqualino (Pat) Strizzi and Secretary-Treasurer was Linda Sabourin.  At the Second AGM in December 2008, Donna Lackie moved on to become the PSAC-GSU National Equity Officer and had to resign from the Local Executive. Pasqualino (Pat) Strizzi moved on and was elected as President, Linda Sabourin moved on and was elected Vice President while Michelle Roy joined the Executive as Secretary-Treasurer.

In its short history, Local 70015 has grown in its commitment, knowledge base and most recently in membership.  The recent re-alignment of brothers and sisters to fall in line with PWGSC Branch lines saw the movement of 143 members from other Locals into Local 70015.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to Local 70015.  This year, we are planning our AGM around a meet and greet and invite you all to join us for the meeting followed by a great dinner. Please consult the documents section above to view the invitation.  As it is an election year and since the two-year term of office is ending for all three elected officers, we welcome any interested persons nominated for executive positions.

In solidarity, your Executive Board – Local 70015.




Officers of GSU Local 70015

Position/Name – Poste de l’élu-e / Nom E-Mail / Adresse courriel Office Phone / Téléphone au travail
Acting President / Présidente par Interim :
Acting Vice-President / Vice-président par Interim :
Secretary / Secrétaire :
Treasurer / Trésorier :
Shop Steward / Délégué syndical :
Shop Steward / Délégué syndical:
Shop Steward (PDP Mailroom) / Délégué syndical:

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